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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 2, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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it's an all new show today "right this minute." a young punk is stopped by a man who -- >> is 84 years old. >> but see why the hero then got read the riot act by his wife. >> looky who popped out of the garbage bin. >> bear is like, huh? >> what happens when a cub strays way off course. in a car parked on a freeway, a cop discovers a strange sight. >> i am mystified. >> the crazy story behind a married couple's standoff. >> i think it's time for a split. >> plus, the buzz word for your shot at a new ipad mini. a dog trying to pick the
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>> why must i be involved with this? >> and a husband in the shower when suddenly -- >> so not civil. >> see the psycho surprise his wife has in store. >> so many times we see something happening, we think why doesn't somebody do something? and these videos somebody does. start in chile. here we are in an indoor mall. watch this takes something from him. she says, police, police, starts to run away. >> the old cafeteria trick. >> went down, though. >> the man who tripped that robber is 84 years old. he's knocked to the ground and knocked unconscious. >> wow. >> he stuck his leg out and the guy hit it, spun him around, bonked his head on the floor. >> what happened to the young punk, though?
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away. people jumped in and stopped the kid. 15 years old. he was with his mother. they say his mother has a record. no word on if that 15 year old will face charges, though. >> great tackle. that guy should put that on his scouting tape. >> that 84-year-old man was taken to the hospital, has to stay there for two days because he suffered a brain injury. he said his wife, not exactly happy with what he did. she wouldn't talk to him for saying i need you with me, didn't need you to get hurt. you know what, can't let people come in and bully us. we have to do something. in this next video in russia, that guy right there has a bag, carrying about $6,600. >> boom! cold. >> that man is not letting go. he's holding on to that bag. he's hit upside the head nine times but doesn't let go.
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his feet. he's shaky and eventually he can't stay up. >> oh, no. >> i think he's -- >> he falls down. has to be hospitalized for numerous head injuries, but the guy, though he got away, two days later he was arrested. if he's convicted, he faces ten years in jail. the dogs are going crazy barking and there's a big raucous coming from david monty grabs his camera to go investigate. >> look at the bear. >> bear's like, huh? you caught me. >> stuck in my garbage cont container. >> david wasn't surprised here. he had actually seen a bear family out in his yard. the dogs had alerted him, so he grabs what he calls the bear banger, like a loud sound to scare off the rest of the family, but knew there was still
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>> looks like garbage. >> bears, when they smell food, they are very, very crafty. looks like he's lifted into the garbage box and couldn't quite get out. >> look at that face. >> that nose. >> feed me, please, give me some honey. >> how about just let me out. david does and runs away and goes right for the tree. see that? mom is waiting off in the woods. everybody camps off into the woods, reunited. now to a different part of the world. this underneath a rock. >> no, dude, you're getting too close to the hole, man. back up. >> let me add, australia, that might clue you in on what's about to happen. now he's really froze. here he comes. that's in eastern brown snake as we've come to know on the show, those are quite venomous, can be dangerous.
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>> that got the heart racing. what do you think couples argue most about in the car? >> directions, yeah. >> directions it is. you see this car kind of parked awkwardly in the emergency lane? a police officer sees it, walks up on the car, taps the window, tells the people inside, let the window down. they don't do it, so he opens the door and finds this. >> are you >> the couple is sitting back to back, not engaging. they are giving each other the silent treatment. >> on the side of the road on the freeway. >> the wife wanted to visit her family. they couldn't get on the same page, so the husband pulls over and they just sat there. now, here's where it gets good. the police officer is questioning them and they won't even talk to him. >> who's the dude in the back?
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because the officer finally had enough and put him in the back seat and drove the pair to the police station. >> i am mystified. >> yes, you have officially seen it all. >> i think it's time for a split. got to this point, save your money. >> they are going to need it for the fine the husband received and he was also docked six points on his driver's license. reports are that after a while they got it together and decided to talk to each other and were allowed to go home. >> six points on his license, she's going to be >> i got an easy way here, let siri do the navigating. >> siri has no clue. >> google has it way better. >> no, no -- >> no! brandon brown who watches in dallas is our latest winner in the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> you could win, too. all you need is wednesday's buzz word, be at least 21 years of
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>> the "rtm" buzz word coming up in just a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. these images are going to be way too familiar to you. especially if you are a fan of psychos and 1960s classic by alfred hitchcock. >> i'm scared. >> no, no, no! >> a places of your mind. very much, and in this case -- time to take a shower. starts the water and suddenly the doorknob jiggles. and trust me, this man is
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and it's a pregnancy test coming at him. freaks him out! double line. >> means one thing for him, they are pregnant and this was their very clever, very dark and sinister pregnancy announcement. >> i like it, though, it's different. >> no blood going down the drain at t maybe some money should have been going down. >> well done, guys. congratulations on your new baby. he's out for a ride when -- >> that's an indicator of i'm in trouble. >> find out what happens next. >> what? >> no! and if you need a game idea for thanksgiving -- >> it's a stuff the turkey game. we're going to make it really easy. >> watch and learn. >> he's going to do it backwards, too.
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bikes and they are doing responsible, respectful speeds here. about 40 or so miles an hour. then you see those hard left-hand turn signs. >> oh -- >> uh-oh, no! >> knew it was happening before it happened, didn't he? >> that's an indicator of i'm in trouble. >> to the side of the road, but did you notice where the bike went? >> down. >> way down. that thing disappeared, got flushed off the edge of this cliff here. good, i'm good, but the bike is way, way down about 100, 150 feet off the edge of the road. it dropped off pretty severely. luckily he didn't go with it. they were able to recover the bike. here's a look at it, and remarkably -- >> what? >> yeah, they managed to get it out of the woods there. overall -- >> it looks amazing. >> it should be crunched up. like somebody down there waiting for it to come.
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dirt road this time. laughing, having a good time, until they are not. >> oh, that hurt my hip. >> that may hurt your hips, it hurt his ribs. that's a trip to the hospital, my friends, and a night stay where he was diagnosed with a ruptured spleen. >> oh! >> got to his feet relatively quickly. some nearby residents came to his aid. one guy was an emt, that was t >> unfortunate part is, have to take it easy for three months. what am i going to do with myself? but hey, i'm alive. thanksgiving is about two things, food and sports. three things, mostly the food and sports things. fortunately, the queen of "right this minute" found a way to create a game anyone can play, no matter how much turkey you've
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>> brown paper bag, then fold in the inside and bend over, kind of like you're wrapping a present. then you have to do the legs. get more bags. >> take pieces of white tissue paper. >> twist that up. >> get the legs, tattoo the body, get the glue gun. >> different colored cards and that's the thing you stuff into a turkey. >> onion in the and some celery in the turkey. >> third time's a charm. >> it went in. we have jessica horne. hello, my dear. >> hello. >> wow, look at that thing. >> try to get it in there. >> if you want a real challenge, do it blindfolded. >> that's what we're going for. >> backwards, too.
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>> all right. here we go. >> here we go. >> no cookies for you. >> it's my bad shoulder. >> that's exactly it. if you're the loser of the game, i think you have to wear it. oli, that would be you. you got the furthest. >> all right, if you want to make it, you can, go to, click on tv show, or go to our mobile app. this cutie is on a mission. >> that dog really wants to stop the water from flowing, but that dog is not a dam.
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>> the dog is trying so hard. plus, time to test your luck. don't miss the buzz word for
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because life needs ziploc. sc johnson. promotional considerations provided by -- if you're searching for something that finally relieves your pain, new icyhot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. some battles you are never going to win, but you still have to try. that dog really wants to stop the water from flowing, but that dog is not a dam. >> it's like having a political argument on facebook. >> pretty much. >> the water's not going to stop, you're going to keep running after it, and eventually somebody's going to get unfriended. >> look at this.
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chase. >> i will keep ahead of the water. >> as it starts to spread, wait a minute, okay, okay, okay, contain it here. >> i got you, i got you. >> dog tries so hard. >> dogs are always trying so hard. especially when they are doing something cute. >> this is grover, and grover's owners is still undecided in this presidential election, so he's going to use grover to help him. >> ready? >> these balls represent the candidate. the blue one is hillary, the jonathan weld. the purple represents evan mcmullin, who is an independent. the green represents jill stein of the green party, and the red the gop candidate, donald trump. >> ready, grover? >> grover's face, why must i be involved in this? >> this is him representing the american voter right now. >> grover is like, really, you're leaving this up to me? >> go get it. >> if you want to see who grover picks, go to our website,
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mobile app. so often on this show, there's a great story behind the video. but in this case get yourself some popcorn and enjoy the first video i've got here. just shreds it going downhill. this video, absolutely top speed, this is uploaded to the facebook page and you can see how he's put in those trucks and wheels to incredible use. >> did you see >> just leaving plastic on the road as he's grinding his way around the corners. >> on an open road, we should add. >> yes, well spotted there, nick. you can see this part, as well, as he approaches this right hander. there's a car coming the other way. >> oh, my goodness. >> the whole time it looks like he's in danger, but no worries, skids himself to a halt. that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do that. christian, you noticed how he
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well, in this next video, don't actually have to do that. in this from johnhill, check out what you've got. >> a head break that goes along with the truck. >> no way. >> so if you are as skilled and decide you are heading downhill and don't want to die, you can buy these things. quite simple, fit the trucks to your skateboard and it's simple, squeeze and stop. you can see him as he's trying it around this skate park. here when he hits the hill, cruise down, control your s even we can attack hills now on a board. >> we don't want to do that. >> we don't want to do that. it is time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need the buzz word, be at least 21 years or older, and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both, and you can enter on each every day.
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it is solar. >> get over to, click on the win ipad button, and enter wednesday's buzz word, solar. >> later this week we're also going to be having a bonus give away day where someone will walk away with a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. he was inspired by another youtuber and decided to put himself inside a box and mail himself. >> see if he's able to ship
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he will need when you were younger and going to do something stupid because you saw your friends do it, mom would say, what, if they jumped off a cliff, would you, too? well, today they'd say something different. some idiot put it on youtube, you're going to do it, too. >> what's going on, my name is jesse and today i have a crazy video for you. >> that's exactly what's going on right here. jesse is up in canada and he's inspired because he saw one of
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himself, picked up 4.7 million views on youtube, so jesse is like, i want in! finds out 150-pound limit for weight at ups, so goes all sciency and weighs himself. >> he's close. >> he is close. got to factor in the weight of the box but also he's going to do an overnight mailing, so he needs to get himself supplies. >> got some food, doubled up on candy. myor there we go. >> i don't want to be stored on my head, so -- >> this way up. >> just in case, he puts fragile on, as well. >> hopefully they read this. >> they wait until the very, very end of the day, right before it closes, 5:00. he doesn't want to be sitting around the entire time. later it shows us the box sealed up. >> his foot is going to fall through the bottom. >> once he's inside he notices the same problem for him as
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>> really, really hot. >> little later i think he gets picked up, moved around, put into a truck, on the conveyer belt. eventually, he thinks ends up in some sort of storage area for the night. he wants to see what it looks like, so he cuts himself a hole. puts his iphone up to the hole to see what's outside, and you can just about make out a wall. which is very convenient. later on after many, many hours of this, he seals up the hole and apparently he's been in here for ten hours, it starts moving out and eventually we see if he's delivered. ta-da! >> we did it. >> complete faith on every aspect of this video. >> weak attempt, brother. >> if you want to convince us you're being mailed by ups, you'll do this from one shot, but no, i don't think we need to call mac dreidel in for this
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? >> announcer: today, forget the holiday headaches, because we're having a no-stress fall feast. mario's in the kitchen with the fabulous rachael ray. michael and clinton up to show you a new way to make a delicious roast chicken. and we're revealing the secret behind this family favorite. get ready to feast, right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ? >> good afternoon and welcome to "the chew." all right. everybody. i want you to close your eyes.


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